plumber fixing water leaks

01 Apr. 22

8 Common Causes of Water Leaks

10% of American households have common leaks that wastes almost 100 gallons of water every day. Fixing leaks right away can prevent major water damage later on. Here are some common causes of water leaks you need to watch out for.

Old Pipes

Older pipes are made from materials that may be prone to leaks or breaks. Build ups and movements can easily cause fissures. These become bigger and the leaks become worse over time so it is important to have it inspected immediately. Newer pipes are made to last longer and upgrading can prevent future damage.


Some chemicals can build up over time and cause corrosion. Corrosion eats away at the pipes and causes it to split or break. For exposed pipes, you can notice the discoloration, like rust, right away. Have a plumber assess the pipes right away. They will probably need to be replaced. There are newer pipes that are more resistant to corrosion.

High Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure can cause pipes to burst. This can be caused by a faulty regulator or reader. Everyone loves high water pressure in the shower, but pipes can only handle a certain amount of pressure. Older pipes are more susceptible to bursting. A professional can inspect and measure your water pressure.

Temperature Changes

Extreme changes in weather temperature causes pipes to contract and expand, especially in freezing temperatures. Water expands when it freezes and the pressure can cause cracks in your pipes. As the water thaws, it will leak freely and cause damage. There are ways to safely thaw frozen pipes. Let a professional help you.

Broken Seals

Pipes are seals when connected. But seals can break or degrade over time. If you notice mold or moisture near where your appliance, such as your laundry washer or dishwasher, is connected, it may be caused by a broken seal. The door seal on your laundry or dishwasher can also wear out over time and cause leaks from those appliances.

Tree Roots

Underground tree roots grow unnoticed. Condensation around water and sewer pipes attract roots and can invade inside those pipes. This will cause leaks that will cause more roots to grow. So it’s important to have an expert plumber check for tree root intrusion right away. The damaged pipes will need cleaning, repair or replacement.

Clogged Pipes

Clogs can cause slow drains and worse build up. Fungus or bacteria can build up, or even dangerous chemicals that cause corrosion. Clogs can even lead to burst pipes if not fixed immediately. This means more expensive repairs.

Loose Water Connectors

The hoses that supply your appliances with water can become loose due to age or movement. This causes a leak, as you might notice around the appliance.