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01 Apr. 22

How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Surprised by soaring utility costs during inflation? Even though your water bill may not be your highest utility cost, the savings on it will add up over time. And you’d be doing the environment a favor. Here are some easy ways to save money on your water bill.

Install aerators for your faucets

An aerator adds air to the water from your faucet. It makes the water flow feel stronger. It basically adds water pressure while reducing the amount of water flowing. You can save water by an average of 30%… and save money!

Use your dishwasher

Did you know washing by hand is actually more wasteful? An energy efficient dishwasher uses 6 gallons per wash while a faucet flows at 2 gallons per minute. On average, people use 5 times more water by hand than their dishwashers. Pro tip – scrape off food and skip the pre-washing by hand.

Upgrade your old appliances

Newer models can save up to 50% more energy and water. Replacing your dishwasher or washing machine with Energy Star appliances will cut both your water and energy bills. They even offer rebates and tax credits.

Take shorter showers

Showers use about 17% of water in your home. Cutting off your shower time by 1-2 minutes can add up to water bill savings over time. Pro tip – shut off the water while shampooing your hair or lathering up to save extra.

Take your car to the carwash

Just like with a dishwasher, a professional car wash uses up to 100 gallons less water compared to at home.

Load up the washing machine

Wait until you have a full load before running the washing machine. Washing smaller loads not only waste water, it wears out your appliance quicker. You can also skip the extra rinse, which adds 5 gallons of water.

Inspect your appliances

Small drips or running toilets can waste gallons of water every day. Fix leaks as soon as you notice them. Faucents, toilets and dishwashers are prone to leaks over time. Pro tip – add food coloring to your toilet and see if the water changes color after 10 minutes. If the water color is diluted, you have a leaking toilet.