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    Rescue Plumbing Services Inc is a family-owned and operated company located right here in Van Nuys, CA. Our company of experienced Van Nuys Plumbers have been in business since 2000


    When you call 818-510-1204 you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best Los Angeles, drain cleaning services available courtesy of Rescue plumbing service Inc. No matter what time of day or night it may be, you can depend on talking to a technician who will be ready to be at your home or business as quickly as possible.



    Drains and pipes can be blocked by all kinds of debris. A blockage may consist of hair, oil, or mineral deposits. When a clog is suspected, our technicians can perform a range of services to remedy the problem, including




    The most common reasons you might need drain cleaning include hair buildup, oil buildup, or a buildup of grease, detergent, soap, dirt, or debris. Even hair shampoo that empties into the bathtub drain can build up inside. Never pour grease down a kitchen sink, as it will harden and collect inside the pipe. And don’t flush anything other than toilet tissue in your bathroom. A drain clog often builds up slowly under your floor, so it’s impossible to see until there are signs of a problem. Home remedies for clogged drains can make things worse. Off the shelf chemical drain cleaners, or even bleaches or solvents, can cause serious pipe damage. Plumbing technicians should always know if you used any, so be up front about such steps from the start. Only bio-degradable drain treatments should be used. Then again, a drain backup may be no fault of your own. Contact our residential drain cleaning professionals to identify and remedy the problem.

    Drain Cleaning Services


    If you have a clog in your drain, our plumbers can snake your drain and sewer lines and have your plumbing back up and running in no time.Are you experiencing plumbing problems or a backup in your house? We can help!

    If you are not sure what is causing the backup, our professional plumbers can diagnose the problem and quickly fix and have you back to normal in no time at all.  Once we find the source of the problem, we can use a plumbing snake often called an auger to help clear your drains and sewer lines. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services that include emergency drain cleaning.


    Repair Your Clogged Drains with Professional Los Angeles Plumbers:

    The easiest way to determine the severity of your clogged drain is to call in a professional plumbing technician , but in the meantime there are a few things that you can keep an eye out for which will indicate that you have a larger problem on your hands:


    Water is backing up in tubs, sinks, toilets, and floor drains

    Toilets aren’t flushing properly, or are taking multiple flushes to work properly

    Your sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets taking longer than usual to drain completely

    Foul smells are coming from inside your drains


    What’s Involved in Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

    Clogged drains are not only an inconvenience, they can also pose a hazard to your health and lead to property damage if left unaddressed. While attempting to clear a clogged drain with a plunger is a good first step for any homeowner to attempt, if plunging fails, it’s time to call for professional drain cleaning service. Your plumber has the tools and the experience to quickly determine the cause of any blockage and remove it without risking further damage to your plumbing or your home. Professional drain cleaning service will not only solve your issue over the short term, but also result in cleaner,


     healthier drains that will perform better over the long term as well.

    What is involved in a sewer inspection?

    The professional will be able to see all the parts of the pipes and lines, even the corners. This is the most basic and traditional way of sewer line camera inspection.Either way, these cameras are used to locate the exact problems in your sewer lines and pipes or what causes them.