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How much does a toilet repair cost?

The good news is most toilet troubles are relatively quick and painless to fix, especially for a professional. Rescue Plumbing technicians will sneak a peek at your toilet’s general maintenance and make sure everything is firing on all cylinders. As much as we love going through our toilet brochures with our customers, we know not everyone is ready to invest in a new toilet. That’s why we pledge to do everything we can to repair your toilet before recommending replacement. 

How much will a plumber charge to install a toilet?

 A toilet generally overflows for one of two reasons: The flapper valve could be having trouble sealing properly. This would cause too much water to to get from the tank into the bowl. Alternately, the ball float could be failing to tell the refill valve to close once pre-flush water levels have been restored, or your refill valve could be having trouble closing even though the ball float is telling it to. If this is the problem, water from your main line would just keep coming until your water tank overflows. 

Water and toilet service system 


If your toilet’s flush is too weak, it could be because there’s an issue preventing the water level in your tank from getting high enough to be effective. That could be caused by the refill valve, the flapper valve, or even just the ball float or chain. If the water level seems fine, there could still be a problem with the flapper valve or chain. If the chain or flapper valve isn’t the right size for your toilet, your toilet won’t be able to flush effectively. A lot of times, we’ll find that a previous owner tried to install a new flapper valve themselves and put in the wrong one for their toilet’s model. 

Toilet repair

Our professional plumbers offer toilet repair services to clear stubborn clogs, repair leaks, and replace broken and worn parts. With our toilet repair services, we can resolve any plumbing issues in order to have any toilet working like new.

Running Toilets Repair

Toilets that leak or run often can waste significant amounts of water, which can add up to a substantial cost. If you hear water running in your toilet for extended periods after a flush or hear water running at random times, your toilet likely has some kind of leak that is in need of repair. With our toilet repair services, we can diagnose the problem that is causing your problems. We can then perform the necessary repairs and part replacements in order to resolve any leaking or running toilet problems. For most repairs, our plumbers will have the required parts on hand in order to perform your toilet repair service quickly and correctly.


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