05 Feb. 21

Installing a Substitute Garbage Disposal in Burbank

1. Switch off power to the garbage disposal and separate the down catch.
Shut off the electrical power at the circuit box or circuit breaker. After that, utilizing adjustable pliers, disconnect the drainpipe top from the garbage disposal waste discharge tube.

2. Free the garbage disposal from the mounting assembly.
Assistance the garbage disposal with one hand and also insert completion of the wrenchette or screwdriver into the right side of one installing lug on the reduced installing ring. Raise the garbage disposal somewhat as well as loosen the reduced placing ring by pressing or pulling the wrenchette or screwdriver to the left until the garbage disposal is devoid of the placing setting up.
3. Detach the electrical.
Lay the garbage disposal on its side as well as eliminate the electrical cover plate from all-time low. Loosen up the green ground screw and remove cord adapters. Separate garbage disposal cables from electrical supply cords. Loosen up screws on the electrical clamp adapter and eliminate wires from the garbage disposal.

4. Eliminate existing placing hardware if equipment substitute needed. Or else avoid to step 12.
To get rid of the existing placing equipment, loosen the three mounting screws, pry the snap ring off with a screwdriver and also eliminate the old installing setting up.

5. Remove the old sink flange as well as putty.
Push the old sink flange up with the sink hole. Use a screwdriver or putty blade to carefully scuff all old putty from the edge of the sink hole
. Install the new sink flange, gasket and also rings.
Area a 1/2 inch rope of plumber’s putty around the drainpipe opening in the sink. Go down the brand-new sink flange right into the drainpipe opening and also press it into place. Putting a weight, such as the garbage disposal, on top of the sink flange will assist hold the sink flange in position while installing the sink flange to the sink. To prevent scraping your sink or the flange, position a towel between the sink surface and also the weight. From under the sink, slide the fiber gasket, backup flange and also placing flange over the sink flange. Hold these pieces in position.

7. Remove the dishwasher knockout plug.
If using a dishwashing machine, you will need to tap out the dishwasher knockout plug. Lay the garbage disposal on its side as well as make use of a screwdriver as well as hammer to touch it out. Next, remove the loose knockout plug from inside the garbage disposal.
8. Connect the electrical.
Hardwired System:
Transform the garbage disposal over as well as remove electrical cover plate. Take out wires. Insert cable connector (not included) and run electrical wire through accessibility hole on bottom of garbage disposal. Tighten up cord adapter. Push cords into garbage disposal (do not displace cardboard shield) and also replace electrical cover plate.
If you have a hardwired unit and also you’re seeking to connect a cable, you will need a power cable package.
Corded Device:
For a garbage disposal with a factory-installed cable, simply connect in to the electrical outlet under your sink after finishing the remainder of the steps.
9. Hang the garbage disposal.
Hang the garbage disposal by straightening the 3 installing tabs with the slide-up ramps on the mounting ring. Holding the garbage disposal in position, transform the reduced placing ring until all 3 tabs are secured right into the installing assembly. The garbage disposal will currently hang by itself.
10. Insert the discharge tube.
Insert the discharge tube right into the discharge coupler, then slide the clamp over the discharge tube and placement it in the groove on the rubber tailpipe coupler.
11. Straighten the discharge tube with the drain catch.
Rotate the garbage disposal so that the discharge tube is straightened with the drainpipe trap. If the discharge tube is as well long, removed as long as needed. If it is also short, you can purchase an extension.
12. Lock the garbage disposal in position.
If you are attaching the garbage disposal to a dishwashing machine, it might be linked with an air void. Use a tube clamp to attach the drainpipe hose to the dishwasher inlet. Since everything is installed and ready, secure the garbage disposal to the sink installing setting up utilizing the wrenchette that featured the system. For Evolution versions, insert the Quiet Collar ® Sink Baffle into the sink opening by pressing it into the sink up until it breaks into area.

13. Evaluate the garbage disposal.
For all versions, you should evaluate for leakages at the sink flange, dish washer, tail-pipe as well as installing setting up connections. Lastly, turn on the electrical breaker to examine its procedure.
Installing a New Garbage Disposal in Burbank