05 Feb. 21

Mounting a Substitute Garbage Disposal in Panorama City

1. Turn off power to the garbage disposal and detach the down catch.
Turn off the electrical power at the fuse box or circuit breaker. After that, utilizing adjustable pliers, separate the drain top from the garbage disposal waste discharge tube.

2. Free the garbage disposal from the installing assembly.
Assistance the garbage disposal with one hand as well as insert completion of the wrenchette or screwdriver right into the best side of one placing lug on the lower placing ring. Raise the garbage disposal a little and also loosen up the reduced installing ring by pushing or drawing the wrenchette or screwdriver to the left up until the garbage disposal is without the installing assembly.
3. Detach the electrical.
Lay the garbage disposal on its side and get rid of the electric cover plate from the bottom. Loosen the green ground screw and get rid of cord connectors. Separate garbage disposal cords from electrical supply cables. Loosen up screws on the electric clamp adapter and get rid of cords from the garbage disposal.

4. Remove existing installing hardware if hardware replacement needed. Otherwise miss to tip 12.
To remove the existing mounting hardware, loosen up the three mounting screws, pry the breeze ring off with a screwdriver as well as get rid of the old mounting assembly.

5. Remove the old sink flange as well as putty.
Press the old sink flange up via the sink hole. Utilize a screwdriver or putty blade to very carefully scrape all old putty from the edge of the sink opening
. Install the brand-new sink flange, gasket as well as rings.
Location a 1/2 inch rope of plumbing professional’s putty around the drainpipe opening in the sink. Drop the new sink flange right into the drainpipe opening and also press it into place. Positioning a weight, such as the garbage disposal, on top of the sink flange will aid hold the sink flange in position while installing the sink flange to the sink. To prevent damaging your sink or the flange, put a towel in between the sink surface as well as the weight. From under the sink, slide the fiber gasket, backup flange and placing flange over the sink flange. Hold these pieces in position.

7. Remove the dishwasher knockout plug.
If using a dishwashing machine, you will certainly require to touch out the dishwasher knockout plug. Lay the garbage disposal on its side and also make use of a screwdriver and hammer to touch it out. Next off, remove the loose ko plug from inside the garbage disposal.
8. Link the electric.
Hardwired System:
Transform the garbage disposal over and get rid of electric cover plate. Pull out cords. Place cable connector (not consisted of) as well as run electrical cable with gain access to hole on bottom of garbage disposal. Tighten wire connector. Push wires into garbage disposal (do not displace cardboard shield) as well as change electric cover plate.
If you have a hardwired system as well as you’re wanting to attach a cable, you will certainly need a power cable kit.
Corded System:
For a garbage disposal with a factory-installed cord, simply plug in to the electrical outlet under your sink after completing the rest of the actions.
9. Hang the garbage disposal.
Hang the garbage disposal by straightening the 3 placing tabs with the slide-up ramps on the placing ring. Holding the garbage disposal in place, turn the reduced mounting ring till all three tabs are locked into the mounting assembly. The garbage disposal will currently hang on its own.
10. Insert the discharge tube.
Insert the discharge tube right into the discharge coupler, then slide the clamp over the discharge tube and setting it in the groove on the rubber tailpipe coupler.
11. Line up the discharge tube with the drainpipe catch.
Revolve the garbage disposal to make sure that the discharge tube is aligned with the drainpipe catch. If the discharge tube is too long, cut off as high as essential. If it is too short, you can purchase an extension.
12. Lock the garbage disposal in place.
If you are connecting the garbage disposal to a dishwasher, it may be attached through an air gap. Make use of a hose clamp to connect the drain hose to the dishwashing machine inlet. Since whatever is mounted and ready, secure the garbage disposal to the sink mounting setting up utilizing the wrenchette that included the device. For Development versions, put the Quiet Collar ® Sink Baffle into the sink opening by pushing it right into the sink till it snaps right into location.

13. Check the garbage disposal.
For all versions, you ought to check for leaks at the sink flange, dish washer, tail-pipe and also mounting setting up links. Lastly, activate the electrical breaker to check its procedure.
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