05 Feb. 21

The six primary causes why we have faucet failures in Sherman Oaks

Faucet breakdowns are a more typical issue than we think. Its causes can be really varied, but it is not always required for a professional to locate where the fault is. In any case, if we want to prevent them or understand what to do when they appear, it is best to understand what the primary causes are. We are going to learn them in this post.
Why do faucets and sink stop working?
To prevent faucet breakdowns, as we will see below, it is very essential to take particular measures. Precautions and excellent care can save us lots of annoying problems. Nevertheless, on lots of occasions, faucets failures emerge due to their own use and the passage of time.
Absence of maintenance
As we already announced, not performing proper maintenance can cause faucet failures. Because these are in continuous contact with the water and this brings sediment, aspects such as lime can cause issues.
Inside the diffuser there is a type of grid that is where the water is filtered. With using the tap gradually, the amount of particles boosts, to the point of blocking it. It is at this time when the breakdown takes place, as the water comes out with difficulty.
To solve this faucet failure, we merely need to loosen the piece and extract the grate. We can wash it or leave it taken in vinegar to eliminate all the ingrained dirt. Or use specific products for cleansing.
Lime is the reason for numerous faucet failures. One of them is a water leak. This can range from a persistent drip at the faucet outlet to a significant leak. The issue is that the stopcock does not close correctly.
The accumulation of lime forms stones, which by avoiding the joint from closing, leaves a free hole through which the water permeates. These faucet failures are solved by dismantling them and cleaning the rubber seals It is advised that a professional plumber do it.

Wear and tear of the rubbers or seals.
Another of the most common reasons for faucet failures is the deterioration of the parts that compose them. Those that are most quickly damaged are the rubber of the tap shaft or the gasket. They can be replaced by new ones without further issue.
To recognize that this is the cause, a leak needs to appear. When this is produced by the typical outlet of the tap, the problem is generally due to the rubber. We will close the water tap, disassemble them and change it for a new one.
When the drip appears in the area of the thread, we can initially attempt to attempt to change it and see if the problem disappears. If it persists, we will continue to extract the nut and change the gasket. It is one of the most typical faucet failures. It can also be because of the same piece when the drip is in the location that joins it with the wall.
The tap is screwed on improperly
Another of the most common faucet failures is just that one of the parts is improperly placed. If we have assembled it ourselves and we are not qualified experts, or somebody has not been careful enough, it is possible that something has been wrongly fitted and for that reason it leaks from a few of its parts.
Poor quality faucets and sinks
Cheap is normally costly, and if our tap is of really poor quality, it is highly likely that it will begin to give us problems earlier than expected. These faucet failures have the only solution to acquire material that has warranties.
we are dedicated to products of the highest quality and we submit our products to the strictest controls. In addition, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our ranges.
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