05 Feb. 21

Top sink and faucet trends for 2021 in North Hollywood

House owners are wanting to update and remodel now more than ever.
According to Houzz’s 2020 house remodellings study, the most popular space to remodel is the cooking area, with 26% of property owners surveyed stating they redesigned their cooking area last year. Now that the world has changed substantially in the last several months, house owners are looking to home upgrades and remodellings now more than ever– with more than 70% deciding to tackle house enhancement tasks this year, with more planned for 2021, according to a Bank of America poll.
As the new year draws near, brand-new trends and shifts in item top priorities will make way in the coming months, specifically when it pertains to kitchen sinks and faucets. 3 significant categories stand out when it comes to new sink and faucet trends and how they’ll expand throughout the home, elevating the property owner experience. These trend categories feature healthier houses, easy and cost effective upgrades and outside living enhancements.
Happy house, healthy house
As the pandemic continues throughout the nation and home jobs and remodellings increase, house owners can anticipate to see more hygienic and health-focused products to incorporate into their own homes, particularly for sinks and faucets.
When it pertains to sinks, the products used will matter. For instance, nonporous quartz sinks will not just assist prevent the spread of bacteria, but also offer a sleek and contemporary look so house owners don’t have to compromise design. Copper sinks will also start to make their way into more property settings, as copper is among the few products that has the ability to eliminate germs.
As for faucets, touchless is ending up being the brand-new normal. With sensor-activated alternatives, touchless faucets will help keep the cooking area sink area hygienic, particularly when numerous people are utilizing that space within the house.
Easy and affordable for all
Houzz also reports a 58% annual increase in task leads for house professionals in June 2020. Individuals are spending more time in their houses, which leads them to see the need for certain upgrades that they’ve been holding back. However just because they want to update, doesn’t imply they want to break the bank.
Amidst all of the factory shutdowns and hold-ups in production, there has been a lower supply of numerous family appliances, leading consumers to look at alternative brand alternatives. This suggests customers are choosing to invest less and select a more cost effective alternative, even changing brand names completely to complete their house projects, at a more economical cost point.
The other thing we are seeing when it concerns home restorations are simple and quick solutions that supply just as much fulfillment as hard labor jobs. For example, instead of revamping an entire cabinet, house owners are adding new knobs and pulls for a makeover, and deciding to switch out their faucets for a fast refresh at the sink.
Customer attitudes have shifted as they wish to update their homes, however still have reservations about what the economy might look like over the next year or so.
Produce your outdoor living oasis
Those dealing with outdoor space renovations saw the greatest boost in demand with searches for swimming pool and day spa professionals 3 times what they were a year ago, per CNBC. As customers prepare to make the most of their outside spaces, companies and manufacturers will follow suit to keep up with increasing need.
Property owners will look to expand their living space, even if that implies into the yard. The focus will be on developing their own “sanctuary” and utilizing more space in their house by adding things such as an outside kitchen or bar to elevate their home. With a boost in these types of projects, custom-made sinks and stronger, sturdier products that can endure the weather and outdoors will rise as a result. For example, stainless steel sinks will see an uptick as the product will withstand deterioration, and the gauge will increase durability to avoid wear and tear.
This custom trend will allow house owners to customize everything from faucet holes, ledges, type of materials and kind of sink to fit seamlessly into a more distinct space, like an outdoor bar.
How the world is evolving and adapting to the existing global scenario is changing the way we design our homes. Now more than ever, customers are aiming to guarantee the home is safe in terms of an investment however also in terms of cleanliness. Beyond health and health, consumers are investing record quantities of time in their modest abodes, making it much more important to have a space that functions as an escape for entertainment and relaxation for when the work day is done.
The sink and faucet trends for 2021 might look various than what we’ve seen over the past numerous decades, but something remains the exact same, property owners want to make their home a safe and inviting environment for loved ones. These brand-new trends offer that solution, and offer chances for property owners to upgrade and live a much healthier, comfortable and elevated lifestyle both inside and outside the home.
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